Bakhoor Burner Gift Set


Our Bakhoor gift set is available in either black or white and includes:

– Bakhoor Burner (available in black or white)
– Jet Torch Lighter (available in black or gold)
– A pair of gold tongs
– A packet of coal
– 4 packets of Nabeel Oudh incense (3g each)

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Oud Burner

Bakhoor Burner Black
Bakhoor Burner White

Black or white with gold Bukhoor burner 

Can be used for oud Bukhoor or incense  


Jet Torch Lighter

Jet Torch Lighter Black
Jet Torch Lighter Gold

Jet Torch Windproof Lighter, with continuous firelock

For the white Bakhoor Burner Set the you will receive the gold lighter and for the black Bakhoor Burner you will receive the black lighter.


Gold Tongs

Metal simple gold tongs for coal


Packet of coal 

High quality instant coal product for incense 

Includes 1 pack of coal in each gift box (10 coal in each pack)


Nabeel Oudh incense 

A fragrance with a vintage vibe and yet representing a modern era charm. A scent which has been Nabeel’s best seller

Box includes 4 mini Nabeel tablet (3g each)

All presented in a gift box (black or white depending on option).

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