Men’s Gift Set


The Men’s Gift Set includes:

  • Journal Note Book
  • Metallic Black Pen 
  • Black Tasbih Bracelet (33 beads)
  • Miswak
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Comb (style may vary)
  • Black Seed Soap
  • Bookmark – Allah is Sufficient for U

Comes in a black Deen Gifts box

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Journal Note Book 

But He is Allah, My lord, and I do not associate anyone with my Lord” (Surah Al-Kahf:38). 

A5 Black and gold note book, with plain pages.

Benefits of journaling 

    • Promotes mindfulness 
    • Self-growth
    • Spiritual progress
    • Emotional development

It’s highly encouraged to reflect upon ourselves and count our blessings. Journaling allows self-growth by enabling an individual to write down their thoughts, ideas, duas, hopes and aspiration.  

As Allah profoundly mentions in the Quran “Verily Allah will not change the condition of a person as long as they do not change what is with themselves” (Quran: 13.11)

Journaling is a practical way to initiate change!

Metallic Black Pen

    • Metallic black pen
    • Modern minimalist design 
    • Writes in black ink

Black Tasbih Bracelet (33 beads)

Prophet Muhammad SAW ﷺ said, “Shall I not guide you to what is better than a servant? Read SubhnaAllah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 34 times at the time of each prayer and at the time of your sleep” (Sahih Muslim)

Dhikr is a powerful and simple way to worship Allah. Through the simple act of dhikr, we strengthen our relationship with Allah, thus tasbih bracelet is designed to be worn and blends seamlessly to encourage dhikr throughout the day. 

    • 33 Black beads used for the Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah 
    • Adjustable and strung on durable black string, easy to use and portable!


    • Strengthens your relationship with Allah
    • Pure and excellent form of worship
    • Instant calming feeling over you mind and body
    • Removes negative thoughts from your mind

The Tasbih comes within our Black Deen Gift Pouch.


Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Had I not thought it difficult for my Ummah, I would have commanded them to use the Miswak (tooth-stick) before every Salat.”
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Benefits of Miswak 

    • Highly recommended and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) 
    • Sharpens memory
    • Plaque reduction
    • Teeth whitening 
    • Fighting bad odour 
    • Killing bacteria 
    • Increasing salivation 
    • Helping with nicotine addiction

Times when usage of Miswak is Sunnah:   

    • Recitation of the Quran 
    • Recitation of Hadith
    • When the mouth emits and odour
    • For making Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah, meditation)
    • After entering one’s home
    • Before entering any good gathering 
    • When experiencing pangs of hunger and thirst
    • At the time of Sehri
    • Before meals

Beard Oil

30ml Organic Beard Oil, promotes beard re-growth.


    • Aloe Vera oil 
    • Chamomile oil 
    • Jojoba oil 
    • Argan oil

Beard Comb (style may vary)

Black wooden beard comb 

Black Seed Soap

The prophet Muhammad SAW ﷺ said, “There is healing in black seed for all diseases except death.” Sahih Al-Bukhari 


    • Treat psoriasis and eczema.
    • Controls excess oil on your skin.
    • Protects skin from acne & rash.
    • Acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent.
    • Black seed oil is also used for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. It helps smooth inflammation and improves speed and skin heals.
    • Treats a variety of skin conditions gently.
    • It is also used topically in some cultures to naturally soften, strengthen and firm skin.
    • Adds a natural glow to the skin.

  Black seed soap 75g  

Bookmark – Allah is Sufficient for Us

“Sufficient for me is God; there is no deity except Him. On Him I have relied, and he is the Lord of the Great Throne.” (Surah At-Tawbah 9:129). Prophet Muhammad (SAW) commanded all to seek knowledge as far they could reach, and to seek it all times. 

Narrated Ibn Mas’ud: 

“I heard the prophet Muhammad SAW saying, “There is no envy in two: a person who god has given wealth and spends it in the right way, and a person whom Allah has given wisdom (religious knowledge) and he gives his decision accordingly and teaches it to the others.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 1409)

Size: 8.5cm

Please note: Quran NOT included.

All presented in a black gift box and ribbon.